• Your Own Financial Version of Google

  • Parsing.AI

    Reading, understanding and extracting data from charts, tables and paragraph from PDF’s

  • Modeling.ai

    One stop investment and research management platform for financial institutions.

ABC Technology

The magic behind all of our accomplishments!


Builds relation ship between scattered data

Dynamic Information

Constantly updating connected dynamic information


The easiest way to search your data

Deep Search

Search within the images, charts and tabels using natural language search

Data Adoption

Both private and public data can be integrated

Data creation

Build new data by combining existing information automatically

A Machine Learning System for Understanding The Finacial Documents

Full Data Lifecycle

From labeling, training and production. It handles all.


PDF’s to Images to Doc’s and many other. It supports multiple format of data

Smart Engine

Through Computer Vision and NLP, the engine keeps learning to become better.


ABC Fintech provides solution to over 15 large institutions through its fexible technolgy and phenomenal success rate.

Privacy and Protection

At ABC, we understand the importance of data privacy and requirement of keeping it internal. By using our technology, we insure that your data stays with you.

Open Architecture

The underlying data merged with open architechure to build business applications.


Includes public and private data


A one stop API solutions for all your needs

Custom Models

We foucs on your needs and provide that is required.

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